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Clive Barker, the master of horror who brought us the likes of Pinhead and Candyman, brings us the story of Jericho, an elete Department of Occult Warfare team who goes into the Pyxis (The Box) to close the latest breach between this world and the realm of the Firstborn. Heavy on the shooter this dark, horror-themed game takes us deep inside the Firstborn’s patchwork of centuries into the heart of its monstrous hatred. Developed by Mercury Steam and Alchemic Productions, Jericho was released to the masses in Oct of 2007; enter at your own risk.

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In 2006 a company from Washington State in the USA released the PC version of ‘Condemned: Criminal Origins’ for our gaming scares. Monolith Productions, now a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, had built a superbly crafted game world which settled itself somewhere between straight up crime drama and the supernatural with story elements that hint of great films such as “Seven”. The game tends to have a one track mind to story telling but the gameplay and combat are awesome including some cool mechanics that found homage in releases as recent as ‘Outlast’. Let us relive the horror that has become Agent Ethan Thomas’ life.

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We take a trip now back to 2007 and 2008 where we re-visit the phenomenal work of Frictional Games, a video game company based in Helsingborg, Sweden and responsible for the creation of the Penumbra series. Take a look back at ‘Overture’, ‘Black Plague’ and ‘Requiem’ as we once again live the horrors of the North-Western Iron Mine in Greenland.

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