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Inactive Pixel Studios 2014

Here is an Indie game in the works that looks to hold some good promise. It’s name is ‘ReLive’ and its being developed by Inactive Pixel Studios of Australia which is cool, one of my favorite horror flicks is Australian (cheers for Wolf Creek). I recently got to take a stroll through a short pre-alpha version of the game and I must say that I am stoked for this one. In this genre, where it seems that most devs are basically copying the same damn idea over and over, it is very cool to see something that dares to stand on its own merits.

Using the light on your cellphone to view a ghost

Smile, your on spectre cam

Some sort of green spectre


The game, as best as I can figure, is not so much a haunted house as it is the visions of haunted souls that present themselves and their personal dilemmas to the protaganist who as yet does not have a name. The fact that the house, or building, will be populated by these spectral beings and poltergeists suggests that the house itself is haunted but I got more the feeling in game that the structure itself was just the backdrop that the participants are bounded by. Yeah, the house is damn spooky and I’m pretty sure that I would not want to spend a single night in its dark embrace but it was the story, or should I say the suggestion of the story thus far, that seemed haunted.

I really look forward to a newer demo version in the future as the one I played had a very dark screen with no way to adjust it but from what I’ve seen so far the devs look to be on to something awesome here. The initial room reminded me of the textures and graphics found in ‘Paranormal’; a very crisp, deep look – I love it when a game makes me walk up and look at the pictures on the wall – and the rug was awesome, I mean damn, it looked like the same style I just bought at the Home Depot.


A haunted wheelchair

Haunted wheelchairs rule

Wherever it is that you go on the other side of the bright light I have no idea other than this looks to be the real jewel of the game. It is spooky in this place, the particle effects are just flat ass awesome, and what little I got to see of ghosts in the pre-alpha, well, kudos to Interactive. The metal beds in the haunted rooms reminded me of the graphic detail present in ‘Asylum’ but its the light and particles effects that really steal the show. One suggestion to dev, make the game lighting adjustable; a well built and presented landscape (or room) is art to some of us and must be appreciated.

A very spooky little girl

Would love to have a painting of this


‘ReLive’ is not lacking in ambiance either, the music is dead on; a piano at the beginning sets a nice mood and then you pass to the other side where children’s laughter, creaking doors, nursery rhymes and dark piano tones seize the moment. A quiet dread fills the air, you retreat a little into your mental shell but you must go forth for there is no other choice. ‘ReLive’ holds a ton of promise and all one can hope for is that the devs stay true to bringing this idea to the full fruition it deserves and that the horror game genre needs.





Outlook = A

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